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Calls Yourself

If all you want to do is stop getting calls from creditors, you can do that without an attorney. Under Federal Law, once you notify a collection agency, they can NOT continue to call you except under certain circumstances. You would even have the right to sue if they continue to call you. Find out how to stop calls and negotiate with creditors directly in our free eBook.


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File Bankruptcy To Get A New Start Financially.

Even if your phone is no longer ringing, if you aren't able to
negotiate with creditors directly the debt is still there and can continue to get worse.

Creditors can still garnish your wages and ruin your credit. Interest is still accruing, increasing the amount that you owe every single day.


Maxwell Law can help you stop the financial bleeding with bankruptcy. Bankruptcy not only stops the creditor calls, but it can stop the interest from accruing and even get rid of some debt to give you a chance to start over.





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We are a debt relief counseling agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the bankruptcy code.

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